Thursday, March 8, 2012

Can you put anything down the disposal?

The average home owner does not know that the blades inside the garbage disposal are not sharped and won’t cut. My experience as plumber shows that many times when I arrive at a service call for a clogged kitchen drain it was because someone stuffed lots of rice, onion peels, banana peels, coffee grinds or eggshells down the disposal and right after that the drain stopped working. My advice is to keep all this stuff out of the disposal and put it in the trash. My Grandma always told us this and she was right. The disposal may push it down the drain but will get stuck inside the pipes or the disposal may get jammed. Most disposals will take very little of this stuff even the most expensive disposals. Note: Don’t believe everything you read when buying a disposal you will find out the hard way that it doesn't grind bones as you were told.

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