Friday, July 17, 2015

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We always get phone calls on how much it cost to do trench-less replacement.  Also home owners calling and saying I got 40ft of pipe that needs replacement how much does it cost?

I hope we can help everyone understand the cost and what goes into that calculation. With trench-less we need access points, some excavation is required. 95% of the line gets replaced with no excavation. To calculate the charge we need to know a few things that require diagnosis and not just knowing that we need 40ft of pipe.

#1 Linear footage (40ft)
#2 diameter of pipe (3", 4", or 6")
#3 Access point where do we need to access the pipe.
Grass area (cheaper)
Under Concrete (more expensive)
From the Street (more expensive than concrete)
#4 How deep before we can access the pipe (2ft deep, 5ft deep, 10ft deep or more)
#5 The last thing we need to know is once we find where we will access the pipe from. (permits from public works or building and safety)

Often when we get a phone call the only item known is #1 so we can't come up with a price simply by knowing that we need to change 20ft of pipe. We hope this helps!